Here is a sample of our daily program, although specific programming varies by age, tribe and specialty:

6:45 - Optional Meditation by the lake

7-7:30 - Boker Tov (good morning)!

7:40 - Modeh Ani (giving thanks) Options include Shacharit (services), Farm Avodah (work), and Yoga

8:15 - Breakfast
Organic Ricotta Pancakes with Organic Apple Cider Syrup, Organic Steel Cut Oats, Fresh Organic Fruit Salad, and breakfast bar options

9:00 - Bunk Beautification
(e.g. caretaking your bunk’s edible snack garden, making your bed, cleaning the bunk)

9:50 - Farm to Table
Interactive farm-based activities, culinary arts, harvesting, and food-system re-imagining

11:00 - Chug (Elective) 1
Yoga, Sports, Boating, Hiking, Primitive Skills, Challenge Course, and Herbalism

12 pm - Chug (Elective) 2
Arts, Pottery, Jewish Learning, Science of Nature, and Music

1:00 - Lunch
Organic baked potato bar with southwestern lentil chili, fresh-baked organic cornbread, sauteed organic onions and mushrooms, and all-organic salad bar

1:50 - Rest and Optional Mincha (afternoon services)

2:55 - Bunk Rotation 2
Instructional and free swim, Rock Climbing and Challenge course, Goat Milking, Farm to Table cooking

3:45 - Snack
4:40 - Shmooze
With staff stationed all around a large area, campers are free to join special classes and clubs, talk with friends, kayak, work on an art project, play pickup games, rehearse for the camp play, practice music, and offer your own activity you are excited to bring to camp.

5:30 - Shower Time

6:20 - Dinner
Miso-glazed wild salmon, organic soba noodle salad, organic sesame greens, Japanese organic cucumber salad, and all-organic salad bar… then berry cobbler for dessert. (Dessert every night!)

7:10 - All-Camp Share
A warm outdoor gathering for campers and counselors to share anything — something new, old, musical, theatrical, a story, or any of the special things they bring to camp or found/created here.

7:40 - Evening Activity
Night hike, scavenger hunt, campfire song session, spa night/pool party, theater games, camp play, dance workshop, mud tournament….

8:30-9:30 - Back to bunks, Laila Tov (good night) and optional Ma’ariv (evening services). Counselors check in with each camper, and create bedtime rituals, like storytelling or singing a song.