Each camper must be within eyeshot of a staff member at all times, except when a camper goes to the bathroom, at which time the camper must check in with a staff member before going, and check back in with the same staff member upon returning.

The staff of the horseback riding facility are there to teach horseback riding skills and horse safety. The Eden Village staff member also looks out for physical hazards, ensuring safe behavior around the horses, ensuring that campers are wearing the riding helmets provided by the facility, applying sunscreen, and drinking water regularly. If a camper is acting in a way that is disruptive to the rest of the group and/or unsafe for the environment with horses, a staff member must take the camper away from the group and sufficiently away from the horses so that there is no longer danger to the camper or her/his peers.

At the end of the activity, each camper is checked off as they enter the vehicle. All campers must be accounted for before departing the horseback riding facility.

Upon returning to camp, staff members remind campers to wash their hands thoroughly and do a comprehensive tick check.

Staff members escort campers to the next activity.