Jewish Life and Celebration

We cultivate a diverse Jewish community, with families from a broad range of Jewish backgrounds. We honor the wisdom of our tradition that guides us to give gratitude before and after each meal, to rest and celebrate together during Shabbat, to honor the laws of Kashrut – “what is fit to eat” – by adhering to rigorous rabbinic supervision and consuming only organic and ethically-sourced foods, and more.

Shabbat is a great mix of communal celebration, traditional and creative ritual options, fun organized activities, and plenty of time for relaxation.

We ask each person to bring an all-white outfit for Friday evening, and we begin the welcoming of Shabbat (Kabbalat Shabbat) with a festive parade from the bunks to our beautiful amphitheater by the lake, where egalitarian services take place. We provide our homemade prayerbooks (siddurim), and encourage families to bring their own if they like. Within the Kabbalat Shabbat service, we leave space for different practices. After services, we enjoy a true feast, followed by a festive song- and story-filled gathering (oneg).

Saturday offers options for morning services, and then the groups come together for one Torah service. After lunch, more leisurely afternoon activities, followed by dinner.

To honor our community members’ varied Shabbat observances, we ask our guests to pay special attention to the public domain during Shabbat. In public spaces, we ask families to refrain from turning lights on or off, using electricity or playing instruments. We encourage using the instrument of our singing voices!


Lifeguards will be on staff during Family Camp. The Lake and Pool are open only when lifeguards are present and weather permits.


You will be housed in camper cabins. These cabins are open buildings with bathrooms and hot showers inside. The bunk beds and single beds have foam mattresses. You can expect to share a cabin with 1 other family. There also options to camp or upgrade to a private cabin. Meals and general gatherings will take place in our Dining Hall. (Limited space is available for those who need facilities close to the Dining Hall.) 

Wholesome Food

We serve organically grown, local food as much as possible and make almost everything from scratch in our kitchen. We choose food that is ethically produced, sustainably sourced, and minimally processed. Learn more about the food that everyone’s talking about….

Please note any special diet requirements on the registration form. A substantial vegetarian choice will be served at every meal. Snacks are available for between-meal times.